Solar Panels FAQ

What do I need to complete my off-grid solar power system?

Components, controllers that match the components, batteries that meet system requirements, and cables of corresponding specifications are required. If AC power is required, add an inverter to provide AC output.

Why can't my solar panel output in accordance with nameplate power?

The amount of electricity produced by solar panels can be affected for a number of reasons. Such as sunlight, temperature, glass surface dirt and stains.

How should I connect the solar panel to the system?(series vs parallel)

Solar panels can be connected in series or parallel to meet your circuit size and power needs. Connecting the solar panels in series will make their operating voltage outputs superimposed, and the system current output will be the same as one panel. Connecting solar panels in parallel has a different effect; The operating current output of the individual panels will be added.

Batteries FAQ

Do they come with the terminal bolts? if not what size do they take?

This Renogy AGM battery comes with two M8 x 1.25 x 20 mm terminal bolts.

Can I connect batteries in series and in parallel?

Yes, you can. The maximum number that can be connected in parallel is 4. In series, there are no limitations.

Can I connect a 100 Ah battery to a 200 Ah battery?

No, you can't. All the batteries you connect together should be the same capacity (Ah), the same voltage (V), and most importantly, the same battery type (AGM). And it would be better if they come from the same brand.

Charge Controllers FAQ

Load terminal

The load terminal can be connected to low power DC appliances.
The output voltage of the Load terminal is the same as the voltage of the battery, and in terms of output current, the maximum is 20A regardless of which size is 20/40/60A.
Inverter: Please connect directly to the battery, not to be connected to the load terminal for use. This can cause damage to the product.

About RVR204060 Charge Controller SOC.

Since the battery capacity (SOC) displayed on the controller is estimated on battery voltage values, it is not a reference.
Please refer to the actual battery voltage.

About RVR204060 Communication Protocol.(RS232・RS485)

We cannot provide the communication protocol as this is a confidential document. We can only provide RS232・RS485 connector)connection diagram.